HeatPath™ revamps chemical reactors for carbon constrained economies.

We make chemical reactors more productive and energy efficient.


Collaborative Catalyst Solutions

When coated on HeatPath™, standard catalysts achieve new performance. Collaborative assessments hasten discovery and deployment.


Innovative Catalysts & Reactors

HeatPath™ catalysts move heat differently, making novel formulations and small, simple, reactor designs economically viable.


Licensing & Supply Relationships

Over a decade of experience providing flexible licensing, manufacturing, & demonstration solutions to the chemical industry.


Underlying Technology

  • Patent-pending ceramic composite
  • 4-12X increase in catalyst thermal conductivity, depending on reactor design and operating point.
  • Can reduce reactor energy input by 30%
  • Improves reactor thermal uniformity
  • Eliminates reactor cold- and hot-spots
  • Tailorable to various catalyst formulations/shapes

HeatPath Enhances Current and Future Chemical Reactor Designs

Current Natural Gas Chemical Industry
  • Drop in approach for fixed bed designs
  • Allows reductions in energy input and CO2 footprint
  • No catalyst reformulation required
  • Robust to existing catalyst loading approaches
Future Renewable Gas Chemicals
  • Enhances volumetric productivity of small reactors
  • Suited to low CAPEX/OPEX fixed bed designs
  • Fuels and liquid synthesis from renewable and electrolytically produced syngas

Platforms for the Energy Transition


Creating New Value with Existing Assets

Drop-In fixed bed replacement that provides:

  • reduced energy input
  • smaller CO2 footprint
  • less downtime from process upsets
  • lower maintenance costs

Platform Technology

  • Wide applicability across markets
  • Enhances heat transfer under a range of conditions
  • Demonstrated in high and low temperature reactions
  • Enables scalable power-to-X, e-fuels, and gas-to-liquids processes.

  • Allows cost-effective implementation of green, blue and current gray hydrogen and chemicals production.

HeatPath Solutions is seeking licensing and joint development partners.

Benefits to High Temperature Reactions
  • Lower Energy Input/CO2 Footprint
  • Reducing Process CAPEX/OPEX
  • Catalyst Thrifting
  • Removing Bottlenecks
  • Eliminating Cold Spots
  • Improving Resilience to Upsets
  • Expanding Process Window
  • Extending Catalyst Life
Benefits to Low Temperature Reactions
  • Avoiding Thermal Runaway
  • Eliminating Hot-Spots
  • Extending Catalyst Life
  • Improving Catalyst Productivity
  • Improving Catalyst Selectivity
  • Reducing Catalyst Costs
  • Deploying “Exotic” Catalyst Formulations
  • Opening Process Window to Lower Pressures

Collaboration Model for Licensing and Joint Development


Collaboration Examples:

  • Catalyst development to increase existing reactor throughput
  • Technology licensing with catalyst coating and supply agreement
  • Reactor and catalyst design to intensify fixed-bed process
  • Reactor and process design to reduce carbon footprint

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