Catalyst Solutions for Clean Energy, Chemicals and Fuels

Dedicated to reduced process energy and enhanced productivity.

HeatPath Solutions works with customers to identify, improve, and implement enhanced catalyst materials and coatings. We collaborate with customers to develop and optimize catalyst solutions – we solve customer-specific catalyst design and delivery issues through technical expertise and manufacturing experience.

Our Technology & Capabilities

As a division of Nexceris, our background in materials and catalyst development has led to this groundbreaking technology that can be provided as extrudates, pellets, and granules for use in hydrogen production, gas-to-liquid, and industrial petrochemical sectors.

HeatPath™ Technology

Designed to improve thermal conductivity and heat transfer effects for a wide range of applications.


Protection for metallic interconnects and stability, reliability, and performance needed for your demanding applications.


Designed and manufactured by our team for process chemistry and pollution abatement applications and technologies.

Collaboration Model for Licensing and Joint Development


Collaboration Examples

  • Catalyst development to increase existing reactor throughput
  • Technology licensing with catalyst coating and supply agreement
  • Reactor and catalyst design to intensify fixed-bed process
  • Reactor and process design to reduce carbon footprint

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