HeatPath™ Technology

Our HeatPath™ Technology is designed to improve thermal conductivity and heat transfer effects for a wide range of applications including steam reforming, dry reforming, and Gas-to-Liquid processes. These properties lead to increasing reactor efficiencies, and mitigation of reactor cold and hot spots, and provide an effective platform for a diverse selection of catalyst formulations and form factors.
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Our coating technology, which includes manganese cobaltite (MCO) coating, has been proven over thousands of hours of testing. Our technology offers protection for metallic interconnects and provides the stability, reliability, and performance needed for your demanding applications including prototype manufacturing, manufacturing scale-up, and high-volume manufacturing. Learn more>>

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Catalyst Services

HeatPath has world-class capabilities for the production of catalyst materials from small-scale through pilot-scale volumes. Materials can be provided in a range of formats including powders extrudates, pellets, and granules for use in the life sciences, fine chemicals, and in industrial and petrochemical sectors. Nexceris has an extensive catalyst portfolio of standard proprietary formulations that can be readily customized to achieve specific customer requirements. Learn more>>

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Benefits to High Temperature Reactions

  • Lower Energy Input/CO2 Footprint
  • Reducing Process CAPEX/OPEX
  • Catalyst Thrifting
  • Removing Bottlenecks
  • Eliminating Cold Spots
  • Improving Resilience to Upsets
  • Expanding Process Window
  • Extending Catalyst Life

Benefits to Low Temperature Reactions

  • Avoiding Thermal Runaway
  • Eliminating Hot-Spots
  • Extending Catalyst Life
  • Improving Catalyst Productivity
  • Improving Catalyst Selectivity
  • Reducing Catalyst Costs
  • Deploying “Exotic” Catalyst Formulations
  • Opening Process Window to Lower Pressures

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