Catalyst Solutions

Our Catalyst Solutions team designs and manufactures custom catalysts for process chemistry and pollution abatement applications. Using our expertise in metals and metal oxides, we provide tailored solutions for customer‐specific needs.

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Catalyst Capabilities

As a business unit of our parent company Nexceris, HeatPath Solutions has world-class capabilities for the production of catalyst materials from small-scale through pilot-scale volumes.


Catalyst Development

  • Customer-specific catalysts for optimization
  • Comprehensive chemical, physical, and catalytic testing using in-house test equipment
  • Form factor flexibility (e.g., Monoliths, Pellets, Foams, Plates, etc.)
  • Vertically Integrated for rapid lab-to-pilot scale development
  • Kinetic modeling support 

Catalyst Coating Solutions

  • Leverages 20+ years of catalyst coatings experience
  • Application onto a wide array of form factors
  • Mechanical and physical characterization and testing
  • Ability to tailor a solution to your catalyst material

Catalyst R&D Services

  • In-house bench-scale catalyst test facility for H2 generation and Gas-to-liquid applications
  • High temperature capabilities (>900C)
  • Up to 30 bar pressure operations
  • Kinetics evaluation and degradation mechanism support
  • Form factor testing for packed bed and structured reactors


HeatPath Solutions work with partners to produce innovative catalysts and solutions from laboratory- to production-scale. We have an extensive catalyst portfolio of proprietary formulations that can be tailored to customer-specific needs in the areas of:

  • Steam Methane Reforming
  • Dry Methane Reforming
  • Biogas Reforming
  • Water Gas Shift
  • Fischer Tropsch Synthesis
  • Selected Organic Synthesis


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