HeatPath Solutions to Lead ADI Panel Discussion

HeatPath Solutions founder and Chief Product Officer Matthew Seabaugh will lead a panel discussion on engineered materials for industry professionals at the ADI Forum in Houston, Texas, on February 22.

Seabeaugh will join Jeffrey Dysard, NuMat Technologies Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, as they lead the panel discussion on engineered materials for more than 125 chemical, plastic and polymer industry professionals.

Seabaugh has worked widely with catalyst and process developers to create cost-effective, efficiently implemented enhancements to existing and developing chemical processes. He leads research into HeatPath’s new Sugar2X technology to manage heat and mass transfer in chemical production from dextrose.

The expanded ADI Forum facilitates conversations on strategic issues across the oil and gas (day one), energy transition (day two), and chemicals, plastics, and polymers (day three) value chains.

The forum will host more than 45 speakers participating in six daily panel sessions and opportunities for engaging dialogue, meaningful networking with 125-plus attendees, and access to cutting-edge insights from research and consulting.

The HeatPath Solution team looks forward to engaging with attendees and potential collaborators during the ADI Forum, which takes place Feb. 20-22.